Advertisement Writing Class 12 | Class 12 Writing Skills Advertisement


Advertisements अधिकतर Products  (उत्‍पाद) से सम्‍बद्ध होते हैं किन्‍तु कभी-कभी इनका उपयोग services (सेवा) तथा events (घटना) के विज्ञापन के लिए भी किया जाता है ।

नीचे दिए गए विज्ञापन की ओर ध्‍यान दीजिए । यह एक gas stoves बनाने वाली कम्‍पनी द्वारा अपने products की सूचना देने के लिए समाचार-पत्रों में दिया गया विज्ञापन है । इसका उद्देश्‍य यह बताना है कि कम्‍पनी तीन प्रकार के stoves बनाती है ।

Q.1. With the help of the description given below prepare an advertisement in a suitable box entitled ‘Required’ in about 20 words.

Ans. –  I.T. Professional, Full Time Basic, C++,  2-3 yrs. Experience, age not more than 30 yrs, Salary in 5 figures p.m. Contact-0001-234560001 Director, Kash & Co., Bhopal (M.P.)

Q.2. Your father has been transferred to another city. You want to sell certain household goods. Design a suitable advertisement to be published in a local newspaper.

Ans. Your design might look somewhat like this:

Q. 3. Imagine yourself to be the Export  Manager of Deepali Overseas  Ltd.,  Mumbai – You need chartered accountants for Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore  offices. Write your advertisement for a national daily offering an initial salary of 20,000 rupee per month with free accommodation.  


Q.4. Position Vacant


Q.5. You are going abroad. You want to sell your house, built three years ago. Draft an advertisement giving all the necessary details of the house and its locality.


Q.6. Design an advertisement on behalf of the Ministry of Environment, M.P. for publication in a newspaper urging the people to get ‘Pollution Under Control Certificate’ for their vehicles. Mention the date, venue, place and time of the programme. Make the people aware about harmful effect of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.


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