going places class 12 questions and answers

Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1 What was it most likely that the two girls would find work after school? 

Ans. Sophie and jansie were classmates and belonged to middle class family. Though  Sophie wanted to have a boutique of her own, but it was most likely that they would find work in a biscuit factory after school.

Q.2. Why did Sophie wriggle when Geoff told her father that she had met Danny Casey?

Ans. Danny Casey  was a young football player. Sophie was an imaginative girl. When she told Geoff that she had a chance of meeting Danny in the arcade, he did not believe her. Sophie did not want Geoff to tell this to her father. She knew her father would be very angry and scold her badly. But Geoff told his father about Sophie’s meeting with Danny. Hearing this Sophie wriggled sitting at the table.

Q.3 Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie  to know about he story with Danny?

Ans. Sophie and Jansie were classmates. Sophie didn’t want Jansie to know as she thought Jansie would tell everyone about it and the people would come in large numbers to know about it. Sophie was scared of her father. She feared that her father would murder her.

Q.4 Which was the only occasion when she got see Danny Casey in person?

Ans. One Satuday, Sophie he father, Geoff and little brother Derek went to watch a football match. Danny Casey was playing in this match for the United. He played brilliantly and scored a goal for his team. That was the only occasion when she saw Danny Casey in person.

Long Answer Type Questions

Q. 1. What were the options that Sophie was dreaming of  ? Why does Jansie discourage her from having such dream?

Ans. Sophie was an ambitious girl. She was always in the world of fantasies. She had a dream of opening her own boutique. But Jansie was a practical girl, she knew that without money a boutique could not be opened. So she advised Sophie to collect money. At this, Sophie said she would work as a manager. Jansie told her no one would appoint her as a manager since she has no experience. Then Sophie dreamt of becoming a fashion desighner or an actress. Jansie knew that Sophies dreams were far from reality. She wanted Sophie to be sensible so she discouraged her from such fantasies.

Q.2. Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends. What were the differences between them that show up in the story?

Ans. Though Sophie and Jansie were friends, they were poles apart in character. They belonged to middle class families. Jansie was a practical girl and down to earth. She knew her limitations and accepted it as her fate. On the other hand, Sophie was a daydreamer and had unrealistic ambitions and dreams. She herself did not know what she wanted to be. She wanted to own a boutique, at the same time she wanted to be an actress and a manager. She even created a fantasy around a famous football player. Every time Jansie reminded Sophie that they belong to poor families. Because of her fantasies, Sophie had to face disappointment.

Q. 3 What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family’s financial status?

Ans. Sophie’s family belonged to a low middle class. After her school she was earmarked to work in a biscuit factory as a petty employee. This showed she was not going for higher studies. She was living in a small smoky house. Her father had only a bicycle to go to his work. Her brother had left school and was just a mechanic. All these things are the indicators that show that Sophie’s family was not a well-to-do family.