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Applications for the restriction on the use of loudspeaker


The Collector,


Subject – Restriction the use of loudspeaker.


Most humbly I want to draw your attention to the reckless use of loudspeakers in the town.

 Sir, our examination begins in the third week of February. We are preparing for the examinations. This is our valuable time. But some people keep on using the loudspeakers till late at night. The noise disturbs our studies.

 I request you to issue orders putting restrictions on the use of loudspeakers from sunset to rising until the examinations are over.   


Yours obediently

Student’s Name –

Place –

Date: DD/MM/YY  

Letter to the Station Master/Officer


The station Master/Officer,

           Police Station,


Subject – Theft of bike.


I want to draw your attention to the theft of my motorcycle (bike) from the bus stand.

I went to the bus stand to see off my friend and his family. I put my bike near the looking office. But I came back, I saw that it was not there. I think it was stolen. It was the Spender Plus new model bike. It’s cheches no. was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

I request you to look into the matter.

Yours faithfully    


Date- DD/MM/YY    

      Letter to Father for Hostel life.

Vidya Sagar Hostel

Room No.- 108 Jabalpur


My dear father,

I have not received your letter for a month. I am eager to know the welfare of all at home.

I have got a room in Vidya Sagar Hostel.

The Hostel is near the school. My friend Ankush lives with me. We get good food in the mess. We get books from the hostel library. There are facilities of games also in the Hostel mister Jain is our hostel superintendent. He is very kind and helpful.

Give my regards to dear mother and love to brother and sister.

 Yours affectionately

 Name –

Letter of regretting the failure

26, Bhagwat Colony

Jabalpur M.P.


My dear brother,

                            I received my Progress report yesterday. I regret to inform you that. I have not done well in the examination. I have failed English and Physics. But it is not my fault. Some of the papers were very difficult. More ever I fell ill just before the examination I was down with a fever for about a month.

Therefore I could not complete my course before the examination. I tried my best by could not do well.

I assure you that I sell work harder and get success in the final examination.

Yours affectionately


 To elder brother (friend) about your further plans –

Ganganagar Colony

Seoni (M.P.)

2 February 2022

My dear elder brother,

You will be glad to know that I have passed the H.S.C. examination in the first division. Now, my father wants me to help in his business but you know that  I have no interest in the business. Therefore I don’t want to discontinue my studies. I want to become an engineer. It is a noble profession. One can serve the public it has always been my ambition to become an engineer and serve the people who are poor and needy. For this, I want to appear at the JEE Main Examination. I have started preparing for the examination.

Dear brother after becoming an Engineering. I will set up a private factory in our town. Therefore please persuade my father to allow me to continue my studies so that I can fulfill my ambition.

Your loving brother ……………

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