Creators of PUBG Introduce Settlus Blockchain for Digital Payments

Creators of PUBG Introduce Settlus Blockchain for Digital Payments

Krafton, the creators behind the immensely popular game PUBG: Battlegrounds, have unveiled their latest innovation

the Settlus blockchain. This blockchain project, powered by the Cosmos SDK, is geared towards

managing digital payments and settlements with USDC, a stable digital currency.

The public introduction of the Settlus blockchain platform took place during Korea Blockchain Week's Circle Hacker House event.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire further shared this groundbreaking news on Twitter, highlighting the project's immense potential,

thanks to PUBG's impressive 30 million active monthly users.

Settlus: Shaping the Future of Payments and the Metaverse

Settlus recently launched its website and corresponding social media channels, hinting at the imminent testnet release scheduled for early 2024.

Settlus is not just any ordinary blockchain; it's meticulously designed for processing payment settlements

and supporting projects closely associated with the metaverse.

One remarkable feature of this blockchain is its capability to settle gas fees using stablecoins. Initially, 

content creators will receive their payment settlements in Circle's USDC stablecoin.