Class 12 English Section – B writing skills Long Composition Articles

Writing Skill Long Composition Article

Section – B


  1. With the help of the words given below, produce an article on ‘The Value of Games’ in about 100 words: (i) Necessary for life, (ii) Remove monotony, (iii) Make our body men healthy, (iv) Learning good habits, (v) Develop equality and brotherhood.

The Value of Games

Games and sports are very important and useful for us. They help in the development of physique and mind of the students. A sound body possesses a sound mind. When we become bored from the daily routines, games remove our monotony. They make us fresh and happy. Games make our body healthy. We exercise our body while playing games. This exercise makes our body strong. Games teach us many good habits. They develop cooperation among fellow players. It also develops teamspirit. Games also develop equality and brotherhood. It teaches us to take victory and defeat equally.

  1. Using the following input, produce an article on ‘The Importance of English’ in about 100 words:

(i) International Language, (ii) Invention of Internet, (iii) Language of Trade, (iv) Commerce, higher technical and scientific studies communication round the globe, (v) Means for earning livelihood.

The Importance of English

English is an international language. It is spoken all over the world. With the invention of internet, no country can depend upon its local language. We can communicate with other countries only when we know English. A vast store of knowledge of almost all subjects is available in English. English is easy to learn. It is the medium of understanding and study of science and technology. In trade, commerce, higher technical and scientific studies, it is widely used as communication around the globe. With its knowledge a person can earn his livelihood. Inspite of the irregularities in grammar and pronunciation, English is one of the most effective instruments of expression. There is no language in the world which has a richer vocabulary than English. Pearl Buck has said that Indians have put to good use the benefits of English. Their pronunciation is pure and exquisite.

  1. With the help of the words given below, produce an article on “Exploitation of Parents by Private Schools” in 100 words. (i) Number of public schools increasing, (ii) Weakness of parents, (iii) English medium schools, (iv) Teaching shops, (v) Make money. (vi) Ignorant parents, (vii) Temples of learning.


Exploitation of parents by private schools

Consumerism has reduced everything, including school education, to the economics of demand and supply. Thousands of so-called public schools have been flourishing on the growing weakness of the parents to send their children to ‘English Medium’ schools. Barring a few reputed and established names, most of them are nothing more than ‘teaching shops.” They make money at the cost of ignorance and credulous parents. This is not good. Let our schools remain the temples of learning. Let us not bury them deep in the dung of wealth and gold.

  1. With the help of the points given below produce an article on the N.S.S. Camp in about 100 words.

(i) NSS Camp in Rampur Village, (ii) 100 Volunteers, (iii) Planting of trees, (iv) Cleaning of drains, (v) Adults literacy classes.


NSS Camp

The NSS Unit of H.S. School no. 2, Dhar, organized a camp at Rampur Village. The camp lasted for ten days. Projects were sorted out. Volunteers were divided into four groups. Tasks were assigned to them. First of all, five hundred saplings were to be planted. Plants were distributed by the Horticulture Department free of cost. The second phase of the campaign was to educate about the protection of the environment. Streets and drains were cleaned. The villagers took part in the cleanliness drive enthusiastically. The greatest accomplishment was the successful completion of our adult literacy campaign. Fifty adults were enrolled for the adults literacy program.

  1. Write an article in about 200 words on “The Importance of Games and Sports”. (2022)


The Importance of Games and Sports

Games are very necessary for a happy and healthy life. After the monotony of the day’s hard work, we get freshness if we play in the evening. A sound mind exists only in a sound body. Games and sports are an important part of education. The importance of healthy life could be very well understood from this proverb. “He who has health, has hope and he who has hope has everything.”
Education and sports should be blended in a suitable proportion. School should not only develop the mind but also the body. Both are essential for a wholesome personality. Apart from keeping the students physically fit, duty of loyalty should also be inculcated. These qualities can be summed up in a word ‘sportsmanship’. Students take victory and defeat alike. The winners need not be over-zealous and the losers should ess of per not get asperated.

Games and sports teach us discipline. The foundation for a virtuous life is laid in school. It develops their sportsman spirit, mental outlook. cheerful nature and sense of humour. These are all important traits of a successful life.