Do as directed class 12th 2023 | Class 12 English Grammar

Do as directed

1. His brothers sold all the gold. (Make a question with ‘Wh-word’)
Ans- Who did sell all the gold?
2. I know that lad not much. (change the voice)
Ans – That lad is not much known by me.
3. (a) He is my boss.
(b) He is wearing a red shirt. (Combine to make a relative clause)
Ans – He is my boss who is wearing a red shirt.
4. He is so weak that he cannot stand. (Rewrite using too…to)
Ans -He is too weak to stand.
5. The child cried for milk. (Change into Past Continuous tense)
Ans – The child was crying for milk.
6. (a) He gets his salary.
(b) He starts spending it. (Combine using ‘No sooner…than’)
Ans – No sooner does he get his salary, than he starts spending it.
7. Raju/write/can/either/with/hands. (Arrange the jumbled words into a meaningful sentence
Ans – Raju can write with either hands.
8. He can prepare tea in a minute. (Change the voice)
Ans – Tea can be prepared in a minute by…..
9. As soon as he closed his eyes. His successors started rowing over the left property. (Rewrite using ‘No sooner….than’ in place of ‘As soon as’)
Ans – No sooner did he close his eyes than his successors started rowing over the left property.
10. They were playing football roughly. (Change into simple present tense)
Ans – They play football roughly.
11. a/apple/an/day/the/keeps/away/doctor.  (Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence)
Ans – An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
12. He does his duty well. (Change into negative)
Ans – He does not do his duty well.
13. (a) The fan is high.
(b) I cannot touch. (Combine using ‘so…that’)
Ans – The fan is so high that I can’t touch.

Do as directed 2023 mp board exams

14. If you do not work hard, you will hardly pass this exam. (Rewrite using ‘Unless’ in place of =If’)
Ans – Unless you work hard, you will not pass this exam.
15. (a) Sita does not sing.
(b) She does not dance.  (join the sentence using ‘neither…nor’)
Ans – Sita neither sings nor dances.
16. Mr. Gupta teaches us Hindi. (Change the voice)
Ans – Hindi is taught us by Mr. Gupta.
17. She can’t afford it. She wants to buy a car. (combine the sentences using a ‘non-finite’ clause)
Ans – She can’t afford it although she wants to buy a car.
18. They (watch) television since morning. (supply the correct tense of the verb in the bracket)
Ans – They have been watching television since morning.
19. They were playing cards. (Change the voice)
Ans – Cards were being played by them.
20. We saw a very good movie together. (change the voice)
Ans – A very good movie was seen by us.
21. This horse is too fast to win the race. (Rewrite using ‘so…that’ in place of ‘too….to’)
Ans – This horse is so fast it can win the race.
22. I have quarrelled with my friends last night. (Change into past perfect)
Ans – I had quarrelled with my friends last night
23. Change the voice of the following sentence.
a. I made the children laugh.
b. These mangoes taste sweet.
C. How many persons are attending the webinar ?
d. This book contains 100 pages.
Ans –
a. The children were laughed by me.
b. Sweet in taste are these mangoes.
c. By how many persons, the webinar are being attend?
24. I (live) here since 2015. (write the correct form of the verb given in bracket)

Ans – I have been living here since 2015.

25. They occupy all the rooms. (change into Present Perfect Tense)
Ans – They have occupied all the rooms.
26. All his friends laughed at him. (Change into passive voice)
Ans He was laughed by all his friends.
27. Who taught you French ? (Change into passive voice)
Ans – By whom French was taught ?
28. Rearrange following words to make a meaningful sentence.  ensures/life/exercise/longer/and/healthier/a
Ans – Exercise ensures a longer & healthier life.
29. (a) The hotel was quite cheap.
(b) The hotel was very comfortable. (Combine the sentence using ‘not only…but also’)
Ans – The hotel was not only quite cheap but very comfortable also
30. (a) They did not come to the party.
(b) They did not apologize for it. (combine the sentences using ‘neither_nor’)
Ans – They neither came to the party nor apologized for it.
31. He saves money so that he may he may buy a car. (Change the above sentence into a non finite clause)
Ans – He saves money to buy a car.
32. I failed to understand what I had done to arouse his fury. The above sentence is a –                           
a. nominal clause b. adjective clause c. adverb  clause.
Ans – Adverb Clause
33. (a) Who are they ?
(b) I don’t know.
Ans – Who are they whom I don’t know.
34. The apple is too sour to eat. (rewrite using ‘so_ _ _that’ instead of ‘too_ _ _to’)
Ans – The apple is so sour that it can not be eaten
35. (1) her/pen/put/ink/some/she/in.  
(2) not/me/dare/disobey/he.
(3) minutes/you/could/a few/for/wait/please?
(reorder the above jumbled words to make a meaningful sentence)
Ans – (1) She put some ink in her pen.
(2) He dare not disobey me.
(3) For a few minutes, you could wait please ?
36. Could you sent me your dictionary. (Correct the sentence)
Ans – Could you send me your dictionary ?
37. I. (a) I am looking forward to.
(b) I attend your wedding tomorrow. (combine the sentence)
Ans – I am looking forword to attend your wedding tomorrow.
II. (a) Priya loves coffee. 
(b) Priya drinks hot coffee. (combine the above pair of sentences into a non-finite clause)
Ans (ii) Loving to drink coffee priya drinks hot coffee.
Combine the following pair of sentences using non-finite clause beginning with a participle. (-ing/-e(d)
38. I. (a) The girl was injured in the accident.
(b) The girl was taken to hospital.
Ans – (I) Injured in the accident the girl was taken to the hospital.
II. (a) He looked over his shoulder.
(b) He saw the police chasing him.
Ans – (II) Looking over his shoulder he saw the police chasing him.
39. Change the order of words/group of words to make correct conditional sentences in the following options.

(i) 1. Were rich  2. I’d buy  3. a bungalow 4. If I

(ii) 1. You had written  2. a taxi for you 3. If 4. to me, I

          5. would have arranged

(iii) 1. to sleep 2. If   3. We’re tired  4. we’ll go

(iv) 1. The truth  2. he met me   3. If   4. him   5. I would tell him

Ans – (i) I’d buy a bunglow, if I were rich.

(ii) I’d have arranged a taxi for you, if you had written to me.

(iii) If we are tired, we go to sleep.

(iv) If he met me, I would tell him the truth.

40. Change the following verbs into nouns and adjectives 

1. Continue     2. Attract    3. Repel    4. Attend    5. Fascinate

Ans- 1. Continue – Continuation, Continuing

2. Attract – attraction, attractive
3. repel – repulsion, repulsive
4. attend – attendence, attending
5. fascinate – fascination, fascinating