MP Board Class 12 Fill in the blank | English Grammar

  1. I  have seen….places of historical importance in this city. (a/an/the/no article) Ans – the
  2. The boy…the bird. (catch/catches/catches) Ans – catches
  3. …knowledge is a dangerous thing. (a little/little/few) Ans- a little
  4. I think it …rain today. (may/must/can’t) Ans-may
  5. There are…precious books in the library. (much/any/some) Ans -some
  6. My brother is ….engineer. (the, an, a) Ans-an
  7. Did you buy….sugar from the shop? (any, Some) Ans-any
  8. I don’t like….of these mobiles. (either, neither) Ans-either
  9. You…stop smoking. (would, should) Ans-should
  10. We are going…a match today. (playing/to play/played) Ans -to play
  11. My friend lives…New Delhi. (in/at/into) Ans-in
  12. Work hard lest you…fail. (would/could/should) Ans -should
  13. Ram prefers milk….tea. (at/to/than) Ans-to
  14. Mr. David is ….European. (a/an/the) Ans-a
  15. I have…friends. (much/many) Ans-many
  16. ….Ramayan is a sacred book.  (A/An/The) Ans-The
  17. My grandmother is hard …..hearing. (of/to/on) Ans-of
  18. ….God bless you! With a daughter. (Can/Could/May) Ans-may
  19. The building has …down. (falling/fallen/fall) Ans-fallen
  20. He distributed sweets….children. (among/between) Ans-among
  21. …..her soul rest in peace. (Would/May) Ans-may
  22. They apologized….the old lady. (for, to) Ans-for
  23. I didn’t find….there. (anyone, no one) Ans-anyone
  24. She doesn’t have….friends to help her. (many, much, any) Ans-any
  25. You … go to Mumbai tomorrow to attend the meeting. (will have/ should) Ans-will have
  26. I am not anxious…my exams (in, about, for) Ans-about
  27. We keep our food in the fridge….it does not go bad.  (after, so that, since, although) Ans- so that
  28. You…not feel sorry for this petty mistake. (are, need, do, have) Ans-need
  29. ….room of this hotel has an Ac. (each, every, some) Ans-each
  30. He is good…..English. (in, of, at, on) Ans-at
  31. ….I do that sum for you ? (shall, will, can, may) Ans- shall
  32. No sooner did the boy see the cobra….he ran away (as soon, than, as, so) Ans-than
  33. This task has been equally divided between you and….(Myself, Me, I, mine) Ans-me
  34. When Rohan was a small child, he ….spend hours everyday playing marbles in the street. (would, was, should, used) Ans-would
  35. ….the better team, Australia lost the match against Bangladesh.  A in spite of  B Despite  C Despite being  D Although Ans-Despite being
  36. Your health is deteriorating day by day, you….better see a doctor. (did, would, should, had) Ans-had
  37. I’ll finish this project in….year. (a, an, the, no article) Ans-a
  38. The plane took….at 8.330 am. (away, on, off, down) Ans-off
  39. Let the child…it’s been dark outside. (out, in, off, away) Ans-in
  40. The time is running…Hurry up. (off, around, out, through) Ans-out
  41. White stands….peace. (for, with, over, against) Ans- for
  42. This course will help you….your speaking skills. (cancel, answer, try, develop) Ans-develop
  43. When I….up, I will be a pilot. (grow, hurry, keep, go) Ans-grow
  44. He wants to get a better….and earn more money. (employment, job, work, salary) Ans-job
  45. I….the piano since the age of five. (played, am playing, play, have played) Ans- am playing
  46. Warning! No entry for strangers….this point. (about, from, beyond, on) Ans-beyond
  47. I did it…..I was off work. (during, while, since, however) Ans-while
  48. If we want to avoid another loss,…..we should take proactive measures immediately.  (since, then, so, because) Ans-then
  49. You should go to bed soon….we have to rise early tomorrow (although, as, but, unless) Ans-as
  50. The questions….are on page 194. (answered, answering, to be answered, answers) Ans-to be answered