MP Board Class 12 Fill in the blank | English Grammar

MP Board Class 12 English Grammar Fill in the blank

I  have seen….places of historical importance in this city. (a/an/the/no article) Ans – the The boy…the bird. (catch/catches/catches) Ans – catches …knowledge is a dangerous thing. (a little/little/few) Ans- a little I think it …rain today. (may/must/can’t) Ans-may There are…precious books in the library. (much/any/some) Ans -some My brother is ….engineer. (the, an, a) Ans-an … Read more

Do as directed class 12th 2023 | Class 12 English Grammar

Do as directed class 12th 2022

Do as directed 1. His brothers sold all the gold. (Make a question with ‘Wh-word’) Ans- Who did sell all the gold? 2. I know that lad not much. (change the voice) Ans – That lad is not much known by me. 3. (a) He is my boss. (b) He is wearing a red shirt. … Read more

MP Board Class 12 Notice/Advertisement/Poster Writing 2023


Class 12th English writing Q. 1 You are S.Rajan of Barwani.  You want to let your flat. Write out an advertisement to be published in classified column of a newspaper. Ans.  TO LET A Three Bedroom Flat in Dwarka is available on rent. A drawing-cum-dining  room, balconies on either side. Separate bathroom and large kitchen … Read more

MP Board Class12th Chemistry Important Questions 2022 |Chemistry important Questions 2022

MP Board Class12th Chemistry Important Questions 2022

Class 12th Chemistry Objective types Question and Answer 2022 1. निम्‍नलिखित में से अक्रिस्‍टलीय ठोस पदार्थ है । नमक   सोडा   काँच   हीरा 2. किसी क्रिस्‍टल में प्रति इकाई कोशिका में परमाणुओं की संख्‍या 2 हो, तो क्रिस्टल संरचना होगी । अष्‍टफलकीय    फलक केन्द्रित धनीय   अन्‍त: केन्द्रित धनीय  सामान्‍य धनीय 3. निम्‍नलिखित में से सहसंयोजी … Read more