150 Active Voice and Passive Voice Excercise | Voice Examples with answer

Active Voice to Passive Voice बनाने के नियम और Example हमने पिछली पोस्‍ट Active to Passive Voice बनाने के नियम में दिया है । हमारा आप सभी दोस्‍तों से विनम्र आग्रह है कि कृप्‍या पहले आप उस पोस्‍ट को Read करें उसके  बाद इस Exercise को Read करें । जिससे कि आपको Voice को Active से Passive में  किस नियम का पालन करके  बनाया गया है यह ज्ञान प्राप्‍त हो जाएगा ।

Active to Passive Voice Excercise

Active Voice

Passive Voice

1.    I write a Letter. A Letter is written by me.
2.    Raju kicks the ball. The ball is kicked by Raju.
3.     Somebody has put out the light. The light has been put out.
4.     Watt invented the steam engine. The steam-engine was invented by Watt.
5.     The news surprised me. I was Surprised at the news.
6.    They asked the boys to wait. The boys were asked to wait by them.
7.     The cat has killed the rat. The rat has been killed by the cat.
8.    The cat killed the rat. The rat was killed by the cat.
9.    He gave me a pen. A pen is given me by him.
10.         The boy is flying a kite. A kite is being flown by the boy.
11.         I shall never touch books. Books I shall never touch.
12.         He helps me. I am helped by him.
13.         Raja posts the letter. The letter is posted by Raja.
14.         He is bringing me a book. I am being brought a book by him.
15.         The cats drank the milk. The milk was drunk by the cats.
16.         She has written him a letter. He has been written a letter by her.
17.         Sita will buy the book. The book will be bought by Sita.
18.         He broke my bat. My bat was broken by him.
19.         Raja kicked the ball. The ball was kicked by Raja.
20.         Mohan will kick the ball. The ball will be kicked by Mohan.
21.         I do not play the football. The football is not played by me.
22.         Aman helps the boys. The boys are helped by Aman.
23.         He was catching a fish. A fish was being caught by him.
24.         He writes a letter. A letter is written by him.
25.         Parvesh  makes a noise. A noise is made by Pervash.
26.         I had purchased a ticket. A ticket had been purchased by me.
27.         Who writes this application.? By whom is this application written?
28.         Anju does not cooperate me. I am not cooperated by Anju.
29.         Do I write the letter ? Is the letter written by me?
30.         She will see a match. A match will be seen by her .
31.         Write the letter. Let the letter be written.
32.         He will have defeated the enemy. The enemy will have been defeated by him.
33.         We respect him. He is respected.
34.         Do not write the letter. Let the letter not be written by you.
35.         The Principal asked the boy to wait there. The boy was asked by the Principal to wait there.
36.         Boys love animals. Animals are loved by boys.
37.         Who writes not this letter? By whom is this letter not written?
38.         You can find this word in your dictionary. This word can be found in your dictionary.
39.          Sita takes tea every morning. Tea is taken by Sita every morning.
40.         She saw him and me. He and I were seen by her.
41.         They see you and me. You and I are seen by them.
42.         He is writing a letter. A letter is being written by him.
43.         I purchased a new shirt. A new shirt was purchased by me.
44.         He knows me very well. I am known to him very well.
45.         We did not drink the water. The water was not drunk by us.
46.         They have laughed at him. He has been laughed at by them.
47.         Sarita writes a story. A story is written by Sarita.
48.         Did I love you? Were you loved by me?
49.         They made Virat the Captain of the cricket team. Virat was made the Captain of the cricket team.
50.         Shraddha is singing a song. A song is being sung by Shraddha.
51.         He and I are not plucking the flowers. The flowers are not being plucked by him and me.
52.         I am opening the window. The window is being opened by me.
53.         Savita is answering the question. The question is being answered by Savita.
54.         Have you helped your sister in her work?  Has your sister been helped in her work by you ?
55.         The students are playing the football. The football is being played by the students.
56.         The secretary will call a meeting. A meeting will be called by the secretary.
57.         Did you not write the letter to your father? Was the letter not written by you to your father?
58.         We are doing our duty. Our duty is being done by us.
59.         He stole my watch. My watch was stolen by him.
60.         Someone was stole my pencil yesterday. My pencil was stolen yesterday.
61.         I have taken tea. Tea has been taken by me.
62.         Whom did the teacher teach the English? Who was taught English by the teacher?
63.         People speak English all over the world. English is spoken all over the world.
64.         Who broke the glass? By whom was the glass broken?
65.         I take coffee. Coffee is taken by me.
66.         Ashish spoke the truth. The truth was spoken by Ashish.
67.         Anupam killed the snake. The snake was killed by Anupam.
68.         The army did not catch the terrorist. The terrorist was not caught by the army.
69.         She sings a song. A song is sung by her.
70.         He catches fish. Fish is caught by him.
71.         His father teaches Sanskrit. Sanskrit is taught by his father.
72.         Poonam dries clothes. Clothes are dried by Poonam.
73.         Students study four subjects. Four subjects are studied by students.
74.         People celebrate Diwali all over India. Diwali is celebrated all over India.
75.         People do not play cricket in America. Cricket is not played in America.
76.         I took tea. Tea  was taken by me
77.         His mother send a gift to her sister. A gift was sent to her sister by his mother.
78.         They kept me alone for a week. I was kept alone for a week by them.
79.         Why did Raj not purchased the book ? Why was the book not purchased by Raj ?
80.         Naveen has written this letter. This letter has been written by Naveen.
81.         Birju has got the price. The price has been got by Birju.
82.         I have bought a car. A car has been bought by me.
83.         The servant has cleaned the room. The room has been cleaned by servant.
84.         The girls have collected the flowers. The flowers have been collected by the girls.
85.         Someone has stolen my purse. My purse has been stolen.
86.         Somebody has removed the stone. The stone has been removed.
87.         Government has built a road. A road has been built.
88.         I have not called the parents. The parents have not been called by me.
89.         Has Ram seen the fair ? Has the fair been seen by him?
90.         Who has not learnt the lesson ? By whom has the lesson not been learnt.
91.          When has he made the journey ? When has the journey been made by him.
92.         She has washed the plates. The plates have been washed by her.
93.         Seema had taken an umbrella. An  umbrella had been taken by Seema.
94.         Your sister had bought the nose pin. The nose pin had been bought by your sister.
95.         Kaju has helped Usha. Usha has been helped by Kaju.
96.         They have kept the books. The books have been kept.
97.         I have told a lie. A lie has been told by me.
98.         Raman has purchased a ticket. A ticket has been purchased by Raman.
99.         I have written him a letter. he has been written a letter by me.
100.   Buy some wool. Let some wool be bought.
101.    Never tell lies. Let lies never be told.
102.   do not think this. Let this not be thought.
103.   Who will shoot that bird ? By whom will that bird be shot?
104.   What can defeat us? By what can we be defeated ?
105.   When did I promise my help ? When was help promised by me?
106.   This book contains many stories. Many stories are contained in this book.
107.   Your behaviour does not please your friends. Your friends are not pleased with your behaviour.
108.   Who write these unpleasant things? By whom are these unpleasant things written?
109.   I object to your proposal. Your proposal is objected to by me.
110.   What brings it down? By what is it brought down?
111.   A bus ran over the girl. A girl was run over by a bus.
112.   Give the order. Let the order be given.
113.   Forest Officer will look in to this matter. This matter will be looked in to by the Forest Officer.
114.   When do you teach him? When is he taught by you?
115.   I do not know your sister. Your sister is not known to me.
116.   Which serves our purpose? By which is our purpose served?
117.   I hope you will come here soon. It is hoped you will come soon.
118.   When he get success? It is wished that success might be got by him?
119.   May he live long. It is wished that he might live long.
120.   Enter by this door. You are ordered to enter by this door.
121.   Some girls were laughing at the blind man. The blind man was being laughed at by some girls.
122.   Her acting surprised him. He was surprised at her acting.
123.   There is nothing to gain. There is nothing to be gained.
124.   Switch on the light. Let the light be switched on.
125.   Don’t insult the poor. Let the poor not be insulted.
126.   I have to do it. It has to be done by me.
127.   He is to write the application. The application is to be written by him.
128.   We ought to have loved our neighbours. Our neighbours ought to have been loved.
129.   He wants people to like him. He wants to be liked.
130.   One should keep one’s promises. Promises should be kept.
131.   Tell him to read the Bible. Let him be told to read the Bible.
132.   Respect your parents. Your parents should be respected.
133.   Don’t insult anybody. Anybody should not be insulted.
134.   Let us discuss the matter. Let the matter be discussed.
135.    Let us work. It is suggested that we should work.
136.   Work hard. Your advised to work hard.
137.   It is time to close the office. It is time for the office to be closed.
138.   He teaches us English. We are taught English by him.

Or English is taught by him to us.

139. Alas! Please sinned. It was exclaimed with sorrow he sinned.
140. A happy journey to you. A happy journey to you is wished.
141. How nicely he completed it. It was completed very nicely.
142. Let us open the box. Let the box be opened.
143. Open the box. Let the box be opened.
144. It is necessary to do this. It is necessary that this should be done.
145. I had left this place, before he came. This place had been left by me before he came.
146. The farmers will not have reaped the crops before the summers. The crops will not have been reaped by the farmers before the summers.
147. Who was teaching English? By whom was English being taught.
148. Mohan is not drawing a picture. A picture is not being drawn by Mohan.
149. Does he make kites? Are kites made by him.
150. A song (sing) by the actor. A song is being sung by the actor.
151.  Did he like it ? Was it liked by him?